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What is the Maths Team Challenge?

The Maths Team Challenge (sometimes called 'Maths Teams Challenge') is a problem solving competition held every year at a number of locations in Southeast Queensland. A Maths Team Challenge, run somewhat differently, is also held at Glenmore State High School in Rockhampton. This page is about the SE Qld version.

In the SE Qld version, schools send teams of 5 students to the competition. The teams then compete with others in a Team event and a Relay event. There are four divisions: Years 5-6, Years 7-8, Years 9-10 and Years 11-12.

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Question Sets - Over 2000 Problems for Years 5 to 12

Questions from the Maths Team Challenge papers provide excellent material for teaching and practising mathematical problem solving. The questions can be used individually or the papers can be used to run Maths Team Challenge style competitions within classrooms or schools.

Question sets from past years can be downloaded using the links below. More recent sets are in Word format. These need to be downloaded and opened in Word to display properly. Earlier sets tend to be in pdf format. Some of the Relay sets have been rearranged from the original order to make them easier to copy and cut up ready for competition use. These sets start with Question 20 rather than Question 1.

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Years 5-6 Team Years 5-6 Relay Years 7-8 Team Years 7-8 Relay Years 9-10 Team Years 9-10 Relay Years 11-12 Team Years 11-12 Relay
2023 23T5-6 23R5-6 23T7-8 23R7-8 23T9-10 23R9-10 23T11-12 23R11-12
2022 22T5-6 22R5-6 22T7-8 22R7-8 22T9-10 22R9-10 22T11-12 22R11-12
2021 21T5-6 21R5-6 21T7-8 21R7-8 21T9-10 21R9-10 21T11-12 21R11-12
2019 19T5-6 19R5-6 19T7-8 19R7-8 19T9-10 19R9-10 19T11-12 19R11-12
2018 18T5-6 18R5-6 18T7-8 18R7-8 18T9-10 18R9-10 18T11-12 18R11-12
2017 17T5-6 17R5-6 17T7-8 17R7-8 17T9-10 17R9-10 17T11-12 17R11-12
2016 16T5-6 16R5-6 16T7-8 16R7-8 16T9-10 16R9-10 16T11-12 16R11-12
2015 15T5-6 15R5-6 15T7-8 15R7-8 15T9-10 15R9-10 15T11-12 15R11-12
2014 14T5-6 14R5-6 14T7-8 14R7-8 14T9-10 14R9-10 14T11-12 14R11-12
2013 13T5-6 13R5-6 13T7-8 13R7-8 13T9-10 13R9-10 13T11-12 13R11-12
2012 12T5-6 12R5-6 12T7-8 12R7-8 12T9-10 12R9-10 12T11-12 12R11-12
2011 11T5-6 11T7-8 11R7-8 11T9-10 11R9-10 11T11-12 11R11-12
2010 10T5-6 10R5-6 10T7-8 10R7-8 10T9-10 10R9-10 10T11-12 10R11-12
2009 09T5-6 09R5-6 09T7-8 09T9-10 09T11-12 09R11-12
2008 08T9-10 08R9-10 08T11-12 08R11-12
2007 07T9-10 07R9-10 07T11-12 07R11-12
2006 06R9-10 06T11-12 06R11-12
2005 05T9-10 05R9-10 05T11-12 05R11-12
2004 04T9-10 04R9-10
2003 03T9-10 03R9-10 03R11-12
2002 02T9-10 02R9-10 02T11-12 02R11-12
2001 01T7-8 01T9-10 01R9-10
2000 00T9-10 00T11-12 00R11-12
1999 99R7-8 99T9-10 99R9-10 99T11-12 99R11-12
1998 98T9-10 98R9-10 98T11-12 98R11-12
1997 97T9-10 97R9-10 97T11-12 97R11-12
1996 96T9-10 96R9-10 96T11-12 96R11-12
1995 95T9-10 95R9-10
1994 94T9-10 94R9-10

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Getting Involved in the Competition

Currently the Maths Team Challenge is held at St Ursula's College, Toowoomba (event organiser: Stephen Broderick,, at Moreton Bay College in Brisbane (event organiser: Rodney Anderson, and at Canterbury College in Logan (event organiser: Jason Baber, If your school has not competed, but would like to, contact one of these people. Alternatively, particularly if you are not near any of these centres, you might consider hosting a competition at your school.

Stephen Broderick of St Ursula's College, Toowoomba ( and Bob Nelder write the question papers for the competition each year and provide them to host schools. It is customary, in exchange, to give a small donation to the Grace House charity in Cambodia sponsored by St Ursula's.

Details of how the competition works and instructions for the hosting the competition are available by clicking the links below and any of the local competition organisers can be contacted for further information.

How the competition works           How to host a competition

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This page is maintained by David Ilsley ( ). Feel free to contact David or the people mentioned in the 'Getting Involved' section above.

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Copyright and Acknowledgments

This web page and the materials linked to it are copyrighted under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License CC BY-NC 4.0. This allows them to be printed, copied, adapted and stored locally. It also allows them to be republished for non-commercial purposes as long as clear attribution is made to the website.

The questions were written by Stephen Broderick and Bob Nelder while working at St Ursula's College, Toowoomba. The website and some of the other materials were produced by David Ilsley, though some of these were adapted from materials produced by other people.

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